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David Larrabee
Technology Leader | Boston | @squidpunch

Remix Conf 2022 Recap

Tuesday, June 7, 2022


I traveled out to the inaugural Remix conference in May, here’s a recap of the entire experience, links to resources from each of the presentations and anything else I could dig up - hope you find it useful!


  • Workshops - Missed them, signed up too late!
  • Conference - Recapped in this post
  • Enjoying Utah - stay, and experience utah (I hiked Bryce & Zion after!)


Michael Jackson | Co-Founder & CEO, Remix | @MJACKSON

Started off with some sound issues more obvious on the playback, but like any other keynote. Michael does a great job setting the stage for the day, and excitement for the future of remix!

It was Rad, and the 2023 conference was annnounced.

Conference Video

How to WebPageTest

Henri Helvetica | Software Engineer, Catchpoint Systems | @HENRIHELVETICA

A funny and energetic deep dive into the offerenings in WebPageTest.

Conference Video

Instantaneously Interactive: Remix as a Browser Framework

Shaundai Person | Senior Software Engineer, Netflix | @SHAUNDAI

A review of the rendering life cycle comparing server and client side rendering, and how remix gives you the both of both worlds.

Conference Video

State Machine on the Edge

Erik Rasmussen | Software Engineer, centered | @erikras

A live demo working using xState on the back end in remix. UI editing the state machine with a GUI editor and live updating code!


Conference Video

Remixing Hydrogen

Anthony Frehner | Senior Software Engineer at Shopify | @FREHNER_A

A view of how to interact with your shopify store quick, easy and fast using remix and Hydrogen. With features like GQL auto complete, and linting in your IDE.

Conference Video

Deno and Remix

Ryan Dahl | CEO, Deno + Creator of Node.js | @RY

A journey through Ryan’s dream stack. A peak at Deno Deploy if you havent see it yet, and a peak at the future of frameworks in a post unix world.

Conference Video

Remix 3D Blast

Nick Small | JavaScript Developer | NICKJS.COM

An visual demo using Remix-Three. A library to use 3JS in remix.

Conference Video

Web Vitals: The Importance of measuring a great web experience

** Erick Tamayo | Senior Web Developer, Shopify | @ERICKTAMAYO**

A dive into a few web vitals, looking at what impacts them and some ideas of how you can improve them (LCP, FID, CLS).

Conference Video

Making Slow responses seem fast with stale while revalidate

Scott Smerchek | Software Engineer, UDisc | @SMERCHEK

A visual review of how to use caching at the CDN with stale while revalidate and some sane defaults for various use cases.

Demo App

Conference Video

Building tech for social good with low-code tools

Vic Vijavakumar | Staff engineer,Eventbrite | @VICVIJAYAKUMAR

A journey through Vic enrolling his kids into school, paper.. Lots of paper and how he leveraged no or low code tools to unlock better processes.

Conference Video

Expanding remix with Rust

Ben Wishovich | Full Stack Web Dev | @IAMBENWIS

A peak of rust used directly in remix and some benchmarking to show the performance gains.

Conference Video

Full stack fast - data on the edge

Greg Brimble | Systems Engineer, Cloudflare | @GREGBRIMBLE

The journey of SSR to Jamestack, to now data at the edge, and a teaser that Cloudflare Disco Stack is coming soon.

Conference Video

Remix your UI & UX to another level

Arisa Fukuzaki | DevRel Engineer at Storyblok | @ARISA_DEV

A real life experience analogy on how UI and UX is important, and a view of using Storyblok with Remix.

Conference Video

Magically Create forms & Actions with Remix Forms

Daniel Weinmann | Founder and CEO, Seasoned | @DANIELWEINMANN

A journey on hitting the top 10 items of a form from scratch in remix, pulling in some helpful libraries, compared to using remix-forms library.

Conference Video

Incremental Remix

Jon Jensen | Senior Software Engineer, Netflix | @JENSENG

Some ideas and patterns on how to transition your current stack over to remix. Routing to your old app, using iFrames, and/or deciding which app controls the overall stack.

Conference Video

Outstanding Search Experience with Remix and Aloglia

Sarah Dayan | Staff Software Engineer, Algolia | @FRONTSTUFF_IO

Everyone expects quality search, but search is hard. Great search is providing immediate feedback and relevant results. A peak at how to make a better search experience using Algolia and Remix.

A demo app using remix stack and algolia search.

Conference Video

Switching to Remix at neighbor

Dennis Beaty | Senior Software Engineer at Neighbor | @DNSBTY

A journey of moving from create react app with some custom code for pre-rendering, and the selection process for server rendering their react codebase.

Conference Video

See you at remix 2023!

Picked up my tickets for next year - come join me!